Monday, September 29, 2014

Head Porter Wallet - Black Beauty Series

So I finally got around making a video for it.
I blogged about it back in March.

Herschel Supply Card Holder Durability with Video

I've got this card holder for slightly over a week now, even though I use it immediately the next day, I've only been putting it in my back pocket or my side pocket. Here's the condition of it now, not exactly unhappy about it, but a little sad. Here's some pictures of it.

The Primitive one that I got was used longer than just a week, it's been months, but look at the condition, especially the corners, I would say pretty tough.

But the Primitive one cost me $59.90 though, the Herschel one is $39.90, but I wonder what about the leather one that cost $59.90 as well. But well, I still like the Herschel one a lot because of the design and compartment. But thought I'd share this for anyone who might want to know the durability of the card holders. So again, I've been using the Primitive one for months, thrown around, carry in both side and back pockets. The Herschel one, hasn't been thrown around, only have it for like 9 days as of this entry, carry in both side and back pocket.

Here's also a video of the card holder if it helps.

Friday, September 26, 2014

3-in-1 Macro Lens Sample Photos

Tonight is a random night where I decide to show some samples of the macro photos with the macro lens of the 3 in 1 clip on lens kit.

I am still using the iPhone 5S, with the macro lens kit. Below are the photos of their normal range and with macro lens. Check out the details on those stuff I shot.

So, nothing much, just sharing these photos, a quick entry that I hope benefits anyone who may be interested in macro lens for their mobile gadgets.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Undefeated, Vans & Evisu!

Was out with mum and sis today, and got a couple stuff. 
First off, a new tee for me from Undefeated, it's a reflective one. Love reflective stuff, printed one myself before, had a Aape one, but I didn't blog about those though. But just feel like sharing what I got today so yea.

Up next, a pair of Vans. My sis acquired a $50 voucher that can be used for Stadium/Royal Sporting House & some brands including Vans. I was gonna try to get a pair or Nike AF1s or Jordans but to no avail. So Vans it shall be. Been eyeing this one for a while now, and since it's not exactly overpriced in my opinion, just need to top a little, I'm getting this.

Lastly. Evisu. Been wanting to get a pair of Evisu jeans but no way I could afford one.
Bread and Butter is having 50% off selected model and 20% off regular, not sure if all regular items, but well, I'm only looking at the 50% off one, that's only when I can afford to get a pair. I'm not sure how long the sale will last so better jump on it now.

and this also, not last, in fact it's the first thing I got of the day, card holder.

I've been using my Primitive one, but not longer than a year, it was pretty expensive, but it's pretty used even though not for very long. Ever since I got it, I've been looking at card holders, I never use one last time at all. So was walking around with my sis as she's looking for a bag for herself, we came across this, and my mum was like, buy it, so yea we got it. It has more slots, and stuff, I like it, a lot. Ain't gonna wait until the Primitive one worn out, just gonna transfer all my cards over!

So I was saying, Bread and Butter are having sale, but I have no idea for how long, so jump on it before it ends. The Herschel Supply regular card holders I saw were going for around 39.90SGD, and the leather ones are like 59.90SGD? so if you want one, I got them at Cineleisure, of course, may other places sell them too. Got the Undefeated Tee at Cineleisure too, there's a couple pretty new designs so yea, go see. Nothing much on Vans, so ya.