Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Just receive my package from Kikstyo a while ago, here is it.
My first time ordering from Kikstyo as well, it's a limited edition and pre-order, but they kept me updated. I place the order in mid Feb, got a couple updates, one with the order being processed, another with the tee in stock and shipping, and a tracking number was provided. pretty fast, I got the email last week and I receive it today.

Tiffany Janoski from CCS

My first time ordering from CCS.com was a pretty good experience.
The service was good, they answer all my doubts and questions before and after sales.
I ordered a Tiffany Janoski and a Levi's pants.

The order took a while to process but the shipment was okay, pretty fast maybe. They provide tracking so you can like, constantly track it at the USPS site, or you could just email them to check the status, for me they take about 1-2 days to reply, but they're polite so ya.

Head Porter Black Beauty Wallet

Finally got Head Porter wallet after so long.
Ordered direct from the website, shipment's pretty fast, any of you who wants to order from there have no worry, it's very secure. The payment is also very secure.

Got this a while back but was busy, and wasn't in any mood to do anything, so didn't really take any detailed pictures of the wallet and its insides, also didn't make a video of it. But it's definitely worth buying, at least to me. No one reads this blog so I don't think I'll try to make a video of this unless I feel like it so yea.