Sunday, August 24, 2014

5x Telephoto Lens for Mobile Devices

I got this a while back but haven't really share anything about it.
But here's a video sample of it first.

Pardon the audio, my hands was blocking the mic.
So you can see the video seems a little shaky and a little distorted, that kinda upset me, if you're okay with the distortion, I think you can consider getting one though. The video quality is after all still very clear. I am using an iPhone 5S for this video. It's a little bulky as compared to the usual fisheye, wide-angle and macro lens, but it's still very portable of course. I haven't really take any photos with it, or enough videos for you to gauge anything, but I'll try to do so when I have the time. But ultimately, I would say the video quality is still very clear, if you're shooting static shot, the shakiness won't affect, but the distortion is something you might want to take into consideration.

SJ4000 @ Asia Pacific 2014

So here's another video sample you can all see, filmed entirely on a SJ4000 during a yo-yo event I attended. And there's also a new version of the SJ4000 out now, with an additional wifi function, much like the GoPro, you can download a software and stream the video on your mobile phone. I don't currently own one with wifi but my friend does and the video quality on wifi is really good too, it's great if you wanna upload it to your instagram or facebook or something.

Enjoy the video and be wowed by the tricks being executed in this video~

Sunday, June 29, 2014

SJ4000, a pretty good GoPro alternative

So I recently got myself a SJ4000 finally, after trying out the cheaper 720p action cam.
I wanted to save up and get a GoPro 3+ Silver edition but it's out of my budget, but I'll still eventually get one once I can afford to. But for now, the SJ4000, I would say, is a very good alternative to that.

Some pictures before I move on, I only took pictures of the camera and the case, not the accessories though.

So, I consider quite a bit before I decide to spend on this, firstly, the quality is pretty good, it's in 1080p 30fps. The GoPro I wanted has 120fps in 720p which I wanted but for now I'll settle for this. And then, this thing is compatible with a GoPro head mount strap, which is great, I think that's pretty much the main reason why I settle for this. I'm not so much of a tech guy so I won't go into details about the specs and stuff, I'll just show you guys the video samples.

This is entirely shot on the SJ4000, no filter, no color corrections, just added a watermark and exported to YouTube using iMovie.

I'll post more if I ever make any video using the SJ4000 again, and if I actually take any photos with it.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

SPORTS Action Cam

Okay. I've got nothing much to say about this, quality of the video samples say it all.
It does look pretty promising if you don't watch it full screen though.

it's pretty okay if you're not a demanding videographer or whatever you call yourself, if 1080hd is not too much of a big deal to you. But this kind of bother me. I've only use it for a few minutes, to try out the quality, and I haven't touch it since.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Olloclip 4in1 Lens Kit for iPhone 5/5S

Change my phone, finally, and got the Olloclip 4in1 Lens Kit which I've been eyeing for very long, along with the Olloclip Quick-Flip case. Took a few pictures of the Olloclip but not the case, also a few sample photos with each lens. And of course the pictures are all taken with the iPhone 5S~




10x Macro

15x Macro

No Macro

And since I'm using the iPhone 5S already, I was also trying out the slomo function, so here's a couple videos I compiled that shows the slomo after showing some video footage using the Olloclip 4in1 lens.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Just receive my package from Kikstyo a while ago, here is it.
My first time ordering from Kikstyo as well, it's a limited edition and pre-order, but they kept me updated. I place the order in mid Feb, got a couple updates, one with the order being processed, another with the tee in stock and shipping, and a tracking number was provided. pretty fast, I got the email last week and I receive it today.

Tiffany Janoski from CCS

My first time ordering from was a pretty good experience.
The service was good, they answer all my doubts and questions before and after sales.
I ordered a Tiffany Janoski and a Levi's pants.

The order took a while to process but the shipment was okay, pretty fast maybe. They provide tracking so you can like, constantly track it at the USPS site, or you could just email them to check the status, for me they take about 1-2 days to reply, but they're polite so ya.

Head Porter Black Beauty Wallet

Finally got Head Porter wallet after so long.
Ordered direct from the website, shipment's pretty fast, any of you who wants to order from there have no worry, it's very secure. The payment is also very secure.

Got this a while back but was busy, and wasn't in any mood to do anything, so didn't really take any detailed pictures of the wallet and its insides, also didn't make a video of it. But it's definitely worth buying, at least to me. No one reads this blog so I don't think I'll try to make a video of this unless I feel like it so yea.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Carousell App

Hi readers, if you don't already notice, the link to my carousell account has been on the navigation bar for ages. Recently I've been featured in the "Recommended Users" section, not sure how long that'll last. Carousell is an app for you to sell just any stuff, but really, try to be considerate.

My experience at Carousell have been pleasant so far, sold quite a couple of stuff. You guys should try it out. But there's pros and cons too... you've got to deal with lowballers sometimes, but you know, that's the purpose of the offer button anyway, they state their price, you decide whether you wanna sell it. But once in a while you may face some trolls. Just today I've got someone commenting on one of my figurines about it being hot and wanting the d. In which I reply, "are you trolling or genuinely want to buy?" He/She later canceled the offer, so all is well. Other than all these, I've sold quite a few stuff and bought some stuff, it's been pretty fun. Just be careful when dealing, especially when you're buying anything expensive and you're requested to pay deposit first, I don't have experience with this, so I got nothing to share, but yea, just be careful.

The UI is IMO, pretty neat and friendly, easy to use, so really, just check it out, you'll probably like it.
A few users to check out for female preloved & new clothings would be "obscure" & "shopwithz", very nice people really! Also, of course if you don't want to click on my Carousell link in the navigation bar, you could just search for "jjaysonn".