Friday, March 27, 2015

Lomography Sprocket Rocket

Just got myself a Lomography Sprocket Rocket few days ago and immediately loaded a 35mm in it and start snapping away, got them processed the following day and here's the result.

I really like how the images look with them exposed all the way to the sprocket, which is the holes in the negatives, that was actually why I bought the Lomo scanner, but not with the understanding that other normal cameras don't expose the picture to the sprocket. When I learn from my friend that only a few cameras does that, I quickly ask more about it.

So what my friend used was a BlackBird Fly, I would have gotten it but I wasn't so much into it the moment I recall that I've seen a camera called Sprocket Rocket. I went to search more on it and learn that it serve this purpose. Would still have gotten the BlackBird Fly if I have more money but, maybe this is better? I've watch video tutorials and reviews about it, and feel that this is more of what I want. So I quickly went to look around for it, I bought it the same night I learn about all these stuff, take the shots the next day, have them processed the day after.

Honestly, had I learn about the sprocket thing earlier, I might not have gotten the Sardina at all from the beginning, don't get me wrong, I still like and enjoy my Sardina, but they serve different purpose in my opinion it really depends on what you're looking for. For example, the Sprocket Rocket takes panoramas, the Sardina doesn't. the BlackBird Fly doesn't too.

Hope to share more sample photos when I have them!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

How I Legit Check a Jordan 3

I've been saving up money to get some Jordans, mainly Jordan 3s because I really like how it look.
and since I'm on it, I'm thinking to share how I check the legitimacy of it. I'm not saying this is the only way to check, or if it's the right way, it's just the way I check it. I could be wrong.

Now usually the first thing I check is the jumpman logo, if it look weird to you then you probably want to give it a miss, the main thing I check is the free hand. the finger part. usually the fake ones have them too thick, too huge, too out of place. The same thing goes to the one at the back of the shoe.

The second thing I check is the stitches on the front part, see the part where the threading goes in a U/V shape, it usually goes all the way back.

the next thing I check is these eyelets part, the farbic part or whatever you call it, should come in a straight nice smooth cut along the 3 plastic eyelets. if it's rough, messy, not straight and neatly done cut, then... I don't know, if it's a 2nd hand then maybe it's still legit? otherwise I would probably give it a miss.

the last thing I check is this, fake ones might have the print bleed out, means it goes out of the white box.

So here you go. there's definitely other areas to check but here are the ones I check.
And like I mentioned, this is how I check, not that it's the correct way to. Hope this helps anyone who's trying to get their hands one a pair, no matter which series, this is the way I check.

Pictures taken with iPhone 5S if it matters.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

La Sardina

Been busy.
But here's an entry with photos form a 35mm analogue camera.

I took 3 rolls so far, just got started on it but these are some of my personal favorites.
I also like the scanned versions, so here they are!

I personally love how the negative scans turn out, so I shared them here as well.
Not gonna say much as I've still got tons of things to do for my school project, just thought I'll share some stuff here while taking a break.

Will definitely share more when I have the time.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Lieqi Macro Lens Fun on the iPhone 5S

Was taking a short break from project and messing around with the Lieqi macro lens on my iPhone 5S, and here are the results that y'all may wanna see. The video's at the end of the entry.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Jay Chou OPUS2 World Tour 2014 Singapore

Went for Jay Chou concert last night and here are some of the performance I shot, some with my iPhone 5S, some with my camcorder. didn't shoot all tho, and these are not lay out in proper order.

Love the part where he pick a fan and let them dedicate a song, and even duet with them.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Lomography Lomo'Instant Samples

I'm just gonna share some more shots I took with the Lomo'Instant, these are mostly taken with flash under darkness, with filters, and some multiple exposures.

all of these are taken with Creative mode with flash, on +1 for the aperture, on normal and multiple exposures.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Lomography Lomo'Instant vs Fujifilm Instax Min 90

The following are taken with the Lomography Lomo'Instant.
I have been using the Lomo'Instant the moment I got it, these are just some of the few shots I took, there's way more that I won't be sharing here. But you can see that most of them are multiple exposure shot in Creative mode without flash. The only one taken with flash is the one on top. That's 4 Exposures with flash with a -1 aperture if I remember correctly.

I love this, this is double exposure.

I'm not sure how many exposures this got because I was using MX mode but it didn't come out, then I on/off it and try again, it turn out this way because I was shooting portrait and landscape not knowing the film has been exposed.

I am still experimenting and messing around with the Lomo'Instant and loving it, have not touch my instax mini 90 for a while now, not that it's not good, I just like the possibilities this camera can give me. I didn't include any of the instax from the mini 90 because I didn't bring it out so often, how ever I want to share my opinion for those who may be considering which to get.

I would say that the Lomo'Instant is so fun to play with, it gives you the option to get multiple exposure with or without flash while the Mini 90 only have Double Exposure.

The bulb mode aka long exposure for the Lomo'Instant lasts as long as you hold the shutter button but for the Mini 90, it's only, I think, 5 secs? or maybe I just couldn't get it to go more than that?

Battery life I would say they're both relatively long, I haven't charge my Mini 90 for a while, it lasted quite a white. The Lomo'Instant rely on 4 AAA batteries and I haven't change them yet.

The Lomo'Instant seems lightly more bulky but it's not any heavier in my opinion.

So... If you're looking to explore and mess around, not minding having to spend a lot on films and wasting them, I'll say go with the Lomo'Instant.

However, if you just want an instant camera, and don't want to waste film, instead you want safe, nice photos, maybe go with the Instax Mini 90 instead.

Either one is good, the Lomo'Instant in my opinion is just more fun in some ways, more manual and customizable in terms of settings.

If you have a different opinion do share it in the comments so others can read them.

I've added more shots taken with the Lomo'Instant on a new entry here.