Thursday, December 27, 2012

Hulk Face Tee

Made a new design!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Clip-On FIsheye Lens for iPhone

Got this clip-on fisheye lens off eBay recently, and like usual, gonna make a demo on it for the benefit of those who may be interested in getting one.

I don't know if this is a replica or a original, it's new to me, have yet to see one until I search for "fisheye" in eBay. The quality of the product seems pretty good, the clip is tight, but flexible enough. The vignetting seems a little bit blurry in image mode, but video doesn't have the vignet, all in back camera mode though. By the way, I'm using it on the iPhone 4S, not sure about other phones.

The photo quality is really acceptable like most I would say, but the one thing I like about it is it's flexibility, it can be used on any phone, or rather any mobile device, your tablet, your huge phone, even your laptop/macbook! I would recommend it, it's pretty cheap when I got it, it's about uh... $7.50USD.

Hope the video's useful to you guys!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Replica Olloclip Macro Sample Video

So I got a replica Olloclip awhile ago, and have been taking photos and stuf, but I never did a demo or sample with it because I think people might be more interested in the authentic one, I am more interested in the authentic one but I couldn't afford one, so yea.

And here's a video taken with my iPhone4S, with the replica Olloclip macro lens, I would say it's still pretty good, quality's still pretty clear, if you're deciding to get a replica one, and wondering how the quality fares... here's it.

iPhone App Duomatic

So I came across this app which I like very much, it's call Duomatic.
This app helps you blend two image together in a selected ratio/percentage of which image is more prominent, and which image you want more transparent. Just go to the app store, search for DUOMATIC, you should be seeing this 

download it, and here's how it goes.

You'll be at this screen, everything's black because you haven't select or taken any photos.

So you tap on the camera icon on either the top or the bottom one, I'll start with the top one.
You can also tap on the filmroll icon to select from your photo album/camera roll.

Snap your desired image.

Now tap on the other icon, same thing, either take a new photo, or you may choose to select from your photo album/camera roll.

I'll snap a new one.

Here's the outcome, the big image is the blending of the two selected image, there's this bar below it, so you can adjust the meter to see the effects, which image do you want more prominent or transparent.

By adjusting to the extreme left, you see just the bottom image.

By adjusting to the extreme right, you see just the top image.

I'll adjust to about half way to the right, this is what I want.
Now there's this circle button on the lower right hand corner of the screen, that's to develop the final result, and it'll be saved to your camera roll/photo album. Tap it when you're done.


The final result will be shown, and then you can tap done.

tap done~

Go to your photo album/ camera roll to see the image full size.

This is the outcome.

Here are some of the ones I did.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Grid It alternative.

Some of you might have heard of the Grid It by Cocoon Innovations, well, I heard of it, but haven't got around trying it or buy it. One time, I went out with my mum and sis, and came across another alternative brand, not pictured, but it was rather expensive, and we don't have a need for it yet, so we gave it a miss, and then later, my sis saw this on Groupon, pictured below, it's a cheaper alternative, but not sure of the brand, and we though since it's cheap, we shall get one and try it. So here are the pictures...

Now notice there isn't any of the grippy thing that was suppose to be on the elastic bands shown below, 

needless to say, the one I got ain't grippy at all. Things like iPhone, iPod, things with weight will slip off. But there's still the cover with the velcro, so I guess regular flat stuff can still be kept within the straps. But don't rely on it with precious stuff. If you really want one, I highly recommend you get the original one. I remember about a year ago my friend got one from cocoon and it seems pretty good, it you're worry about the security of the grip, search for videos on youtube, search Grid It, and see the demos, it might help~

Monday, September 24, 2012

iPhone WeChat app~

New app!
Well, not exactly new app on the market but new app I download not very long ago, like over a month?
Lately been using it more, beginning to like it. it's something like Whatsapp and LINE, you can import your contact from your phonebook or facebook, as long as they have the app too. or you can scan the QR code, which I haven't try. You can send photos, and record voice message and also video call.

So the WeChat have this moments thingy, much like the timeline from facebook and Path app.
but I can't seem to post just my thoughts, you know, like a wall post, only photos instead. But I do, however, am able to post mood message though. And like most timeline, you can add a cover photo.

So these are the methods you can choose to add friends and contacts.

Now I like this function over here. There's this social tab in the app, "Look Around", "Shake" and "Drift Bottle". "Look Around" basically just lets you see who's nearby using WeChat, and you can try to befriend them or something.

"Shake" is one function I kinda like, basically you shake your phone and it'll search for random people who's using it too, like below...

And it search people from anywhere as long as they are using WeChat too I guess, one's 2km away, the other's as far as 6162km away, I got one who is more than 10000km away. And then if you wanna befriend them, just send them a greeting message.

I also like this, "Drift Bottle", you can throw or pick up bottles of message that people wrote. I personally think it's fun to make friends with people from far away country, randomly, and the "Shake" is a fun function, and this too, there's usually not much bottles to pick in the morning and noon, but seems quite a few at night. This App in my opinion is pretty fun to have, and useful, do try it out.

This is their Facebook Page.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Moon from my room view.

Took a few shot of the moon from my room window view with my Canon 650D and this one is my favorite! Actual size cropped!
ISO 6400 | f/8 | 1/1600 | 250mm

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Canon 650D & Sony CX520: Time Lapse Bishan Park

This morning I decided to film the sun rise at rather heartland location rather than those usually taken at nice area, I chose Bishan Park, but there's no sun! but still the sky turn out well imo, also trying out the video function of the Canon 650D. But I eventually filmed with both the 650D and the Sony CX520.

the first one is of the handycam, the second one DSLR.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Canon 650D/T4i: Universal Studios Singapore

today I went to Universal Studios Singapore for the first time!
for sis' birthday~ reminds me of the Disney HK trip. bought nothing except a army style bag from the transformers shop.

Also, I decide to make a short clip of the trip, using my Canon 650D/Rebel T4i, for those who may be interested in how the video will turn out. I didn't change any setting, export from iMovie straight to YouTube.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Latest Edit!

Latest edit, Christopher's video. lucky thing schedule for the next two block ain't as busy as the last two, I have time to explore this place and film Christopher, as well as taking some shots for school assignment.

so yea, three subjects these two blocks, one's mostly e-learning, home based, so that kind of gave me more free time than the previous two blocks, but this thursday that lesson's in school rather than at home, I was just thinking could drop by the airport to pick up some players, but it's been done, so yea... another subject's photography, constantly taking pictures and learning about photography, same thing, that keeps me kind of more free since I can literally go out and snap pictures and hang out. Only design fundamentals, which, most of the time, is done at school, nothing much left to be done at home, only for history of design, which is the pretty much home based one. So probably will be able to attend AP, yes~