Friday, May 22, 2015

SJCam Timelapse: Series of Sunsets and Clouds

I realised I didn't post this here.
So these are the timelapse footages I shot with my SJCam SJ4000 Wifi version.
I love the results, the wide angle, and the fact that it's HD. And yes, I'm lazy to manually shoot the whole time lapse thing, so with the SJCam, I can just leave the camera there and do my stuff or just sit beside it and just relax. Although there's apps for timelapse video for both iPhone and Android phone, but I think it's battery consuming, and while I'm shooting time lapse, I can't do other stuff with my phone, so this is definitely a very good alternative!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Lomography Sprocket Rocket Sample Pictures

Nothing much today, just more pictures from the Sprocket Rocket.
Totally loving the function and results. Those fade-ish ones are taken in low light, just for your info.

This one is super clear compared to the rest because it was taken in the morning when the sun was freakin bright, I was sweating all over.

Last one, ^ multiple exposures. A little too over exposed though. But still like the result.