Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Sprayground Shark Collections

Got these Sprayground Shark Backpacks for a while, finally taking more photos of them.
Photos all taken with iPhone 4S if it matters.

Above is the Camo Shark Backpack from the older series from Sprayground, if anyone's getting this, don't just use it straight away, use some cloths to rub the insides of the backpack, and all the compartment that's red. Because the red color actually stain your stuff. After "wiping" off the reds, it should be fine, it'll take you awhile though.

Below are photos of the newer Shark Backpack from newer series, it's the Chenille Multi Camo Shark Backpack, there's a Woodlands camo one but I didn't get that one.

Chenilles' referring to the material of the Shark chomper and eyes. If given a choice I would have gotten the Woodlands Camo one instead, it look so much nicer.

So I've been into Shark stuff ever since I saw Taiwanese celeb Show Luo wearing the Bape Shark hoody in one of the very old episode of 100% Entertainment. Actually more like P-40 style shark rather than just Shark itself. Used to have that Shark backpack from Morn Creations, worn off, got dirty, and been looking out for Shark backpack, and finally came across Sprayground. Totally dig the backpack. It's pretty spacious and I like all the little compartments, it fits a 15inch Macbook and a whole lot of stuff. If you're a Singaporean, saw a similar Shark backpack at 77th Street, I'm tell you it's not Sprayground, it is a replica, if you don't mind getting a replica then go ahead, but if you're looking out for the original one, than look out for the label/tag, at least as of this entry date, 77th Street have not yet brought in the original Sprayground backpacks. So that's pretty much about it.

I would have and should have received another bag from Sprayground which Sol from Sprayground said he sent me but it's been a long while but I've never receive anything, maybe the mail is lost or something, and I have no idea what kind of bag he was gonna send me either. So if I eventually receive anything at all from Sol, I'll definitely share about it! He hasn't been replying my mails so yea.

Herschel Eighteen Hip Pack Video

Update the previous entry with the exact same video, but thought I'll just might as well post as a new entry too.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Herschel Supply Co. Eighteen Hip Pack

It's my first time ordering from Hypebeast.com and I'm rather satisfied with the service.
Got a Herschel Eighteen Hip Pack for about S$70 inclusive of shipping, shipment was pretty fast, provides tracking, they uses FedEx so I actually went to download the FedEx app for iPhone to track it.

It's really convenient and very up to date.

So here's more of the Hip Pack photos.
So these are pretty much what you can expect to see of a Herschel Eighteen Hip Pack if you're ordering one, the tags, the zips, etc. Photos all taken with iPhone 4S if it matters.

This thing didn't really work for me, they are in my opinion not firm enough.

The buckle are kinda tight in my opinion, I took some time unbuckling it.

It's pretty spacious, it fits an iPad mini with case and still have plenty of space left, I don't think it'll fit an iPad though. I like it, I almost got the camo one cuz I'm so into camo stuff now, but somehow it feels kind of too much for me, this one looks perfect. Just got this like an hour ago, yet to use it, will probably update it about it's durability? or more photos of it with more stuff in it so you can have a clearer idea of how much things can be stuffed in it, etc, maybe.

UPDATE: video.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Incase Maki Jacket Camo Cover for iPad Mini

Finally receive it! Almost miss it! Was in the toilet when the doorbell rang, lucky thing the delivery auntie rush back when she hear me open the door, if not I'll have to wait until tomorrow and make a trip to the post office. Been liking camo stuff but really looking for them these days. And yea, I haven't post here in ages because of school and also because I've got nothing much to share. Anyway here's photos of the Incase iPad Mini cover for those who may be looking for samples of it.

It's just an average case really, without any special compartment and all, but I'm sure people who are interested may want to see more details of it.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

LIEQI Universal Clip Lens kit

Got another fisheye lens kit for mobile gadgets and devices.
Now usually these clip-on lens kit only provide fisheye lens, but this one comes with fisheye, wide-angle and macro lens, it's interchangeable unlike Olloclip which is fixed, I would say the cons are that it's interchangeable instead of fixed lens like Olloclip because you would have to change them in order to use them, unlike the Olloclip, you just take it out, flip it, and slot it in. But the Clip-on system would be pros because unlike the Olloclip which can only be fitted on an iPhone, this one pretty much fits most mobile gadget and devices of today, they even fit on your macbook and laptops. I'd say it's a very good alternative to Olloclip. Again, I'm not sure if this is a replica of an original or what, I've never seen this before, unlike the well known Olloclip which is marketed pretty well online, so I know for sure if a  lens kit is actually a replica of the Olloclip. But I would recommend this to people who change phone often, but would like a lens kit for their phone, this works on normal flat cases as long as they're not too bulky on your phone.

Have a few of these to sell, if anyone wants to get this, drop me an email.
These are new batch without any issues.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

GMAIL messenger bag

Got this from I think Gmarket? Qoo10?
there's twitter, and other stuff, I forgot, got this pretty long ago, only finish stitching them parts together recently. Can't really put much stuff, but a fun looking bag!

MyGavio Pocket

Been long since I posted anything here, here's another thing I'd like to share, it's a pocket accessory that you can paste on your smart mobile or any gadgets, I think it comes in handy when you just gonna carry a couple cards and notes or dollar bills.

Check out more image at MyGavio.com!
I got it at Popular Singapore at S$12.90