Carousell App

10:14 PM

Hi readers, if you don't already notice, the link to my carousell account has been on the navigation bar for ages. Recently I've been featured in the "Recommended Users" section, not sure how long that'll last. Carousell is an app for you to sell just any stuff, but really, try to be considerate.

My experience at Carousell have been pleasant so far, sold quite a couple of stuff. You guys should try it out. But there's pros and cons too... you've got to deal with lowballers sometimes, but you know, that's the purpose of the offer button anyway, they state their price, you decide whether you wanna sell it. But once in a while you may face some trolls. Just today I've got someone commenting on one of my figurines about it being hot and wanting the d. In which I reply, "are you trolling or genuinely want to buy?" He/She later canceled the offer, so all is well. Other than all these, I've sold quite a few stuff and bought some stuff, it's been pretty fun. Just be careful when dealing, especially when you're buying anything expensive and you're requested to pay deposit first, I don't have experience with this, so I got nothing to share, but yea, just be careful.

The UI is IMO, pretty neat and friendly, easy to use, so really, just check it out, you'll probably like it.
A few users to check out for female preloved & new clothings would be "obscure" & "shopwithz", very nice people really! Also, of course if you don't want to click on my Carousell link in the navigation bar, you could just search for "jjaysonn".

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