Sunday, September 14, 2014

iPad mini Smart Case

After much consideration, I finally got the Smart Case for my iPad mini.
When I first got my iPad mini, I didn't know whether I should get the Smart cover, because back then it didn't come with the case, or maybe it already did but I wasn't aware. Plus it was expensive.

I was using the Incase cover.

I love my Incase cover, the camo, the material, the overall look and feel when I'm holding it, the stand etc. But one thing about it have been bugging me, the magnet.

If you look carefully at the picture, the screen is still lit, it wasn't in sleep mode. Sometimes it does go into sleep mode, sometimes, no. It isn't tight enough. most of the time I'll need to tighten it using the band, maybe that's why it came with it.

Recently I've been using my iPad mini more, and I want a cover that works great, looks great.
I'm also taking the stand into consideration, because when I first got the Incase cover, I didn't really think much about the stand, thinking I wouldn't use it much, but now I'm using it quite often during work. I was considering the Smart Cover, and then I thought, but there's no protection for the back of the iPad mini, so I was considering the Smart Case, but it's so expensive, I don't know if it's worth it.
I was even considering getting the inspired one, and I saw reviews on it so wasn't so keen.
So. I end up getting the iPad mini Smart Case, just maybe 6-7 hours ago?

There wasn't any colors available left for me to choose from, there was brown which I kinda like, and there's red. I wanted brown, but I thought maybe just get the (product) red edition. For whatever reason at all. At first I thought the surface is gonna be like a silky touch, but it's more to leather-ish, but after a while I got used to it. The best thing about it, or rather my favorite thing about it is the magnet part, it's so firm so useful, which was the reason why I wanted to change my case.
The stand however, was more upright than what I used to have so I'll have to get used to that one, sometimes it feels like it'll topple down, towards the front but so far I haven't have any issues with it.

I shot a short clip on the sleep mode part so you can see.

So it didn't seem so bad in this video for the Incase, but it's really been bugging me for a while, so yea.
But I'm sharing my experience here because I believe many people who thought of getting a Smart Cover or Smart Case didn't do so yet because of the cost.

Even though I only had mine for a few hours but I'm liking it, for now.
the magnet sleep mode, the size and shape, it's slim and handy. But I probably should have gotten the brown one instead, or just get a black one from the Apple online store or something, but that's just me.
If I have any issues with it, I'll try to update the entry or most probably make another entry about it.

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