Tuesday, March 26, 2013

LIEQI Universal Clip Lens kit

Got another fisheye lens kit for mobile gadgets and devices.
Now usually these clip-on lens kit only provide fisheye lens, but this one comes with fisheye, wide-angle and macro lens, it's interchangeable unlike Olloclip which is fixed, I would say the cons are that it's interchangeable instead of fixed lens like Olloclip because you would have to change them in order to use them, unlike the Olloclip, you just take it out, flip it, and slot it in. But the Clip-on system would be pros because unlike the Olloclip which can only be fitted on an iPhone, this one pretty much fits most mobile gadget and devices of today, they even fit on your macbook and laptops. I'd say it's a very good alternative to Olloclip. Again, I'm not sure if this is a replica of an original or what, I've never seen this before, unlike the well known Olloclip which is marketed pretty well online, so I know for sure if a  lens kit is actually a replica of the Olloclip. But I would recommend this to people who change phone often, but would like a lens kit for their phone, this works on normal flat cases as long as they're not too bulky on your phone.

Have a few of these to sell, if anyone wants to get this, drop me an email.
These are new batch without any issues.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

GMAIL messenger bag

Got this from I think Gmarket? Qoo10?
there's twitter, and other stuff, I forgot, got this pretty long ago, only finish stitching them parts together recently. Can't really put much stuff, but a fun looking bag!

MyGavio Pocket

Been long since I posted anything here, here's another thing I'd like to share, it's a pocket accessory that you can paste on your smart mobile or any gadgets, I think it comes in handy when you just gonna carry a couple cards and notes or dollar bills.

Check out more image at MyGavio.com!
I got it at Popular Singapore at S$12.90