Monday, September 24, 2012

iPhone WeChat app~

New app!
Well, not exactly new app on the market but new app I download not very long ago, like over a month?
Lately been using it more, beginning to like it. it's something like Whatsapp and LINE, you can import your contact from your phonebook or facebook, as long as they have the app too. or you can scan the QR code, which I haven't try. You can send photos, and record voice message and also video call.

So the WeChat have this moments thingy, much like the timeline from facebook and Path app.
but I can't seem to post just my thoughts, you know, like a wall post, only photos instead. But I do, however, am able to post mood message though. And like most timeline, you can add a cover photo.

So these are the methods you can choose to add friends and contacts.

Now I like this function over here. There's this social tab in the app, "Look Around", "Shake" and "Drift Bottle". "Look Around" basically just lets you see who's nearby using WeChat, and you can try to befriend them or something.

"Shake" is one function I kinda like, basically you shake your phone and it'll search for random people who's using it too, like below...

And it search people from anywhere as long as they are using WeChat too I guess, one's 2km away, the other's as far as 6162km away, I got one who is more than 10000km away. And then if you wanna befriend them, just send them a greeting message.

I also like this, "Drift Bottle", you can throw or pick up bottles of message that people wrote. I personally think it's fun to make friends with people from far away country, randomly, and the "Shake" is a fun function, and this too, there's usually not much bottles to pick in the morning and noon, but seems quite a few at night. This App in my opinion is pretty fun to have, and useful, do try it out.

This is their Facebook Page.

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  1. I discovered WeChat recently because I started to studying Chinesse... and it is just great :) I liked to "look around" and check the Moments... it would be something good to add in WhatsApp.