Thursday, April 12, 2012

I love my Hyper Cluster

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Hyper Cluster~ one of my new favorite yoyo.
grown-ups who used to play yoyo should know and heard about Hyper Yoyo back in 1998, there was another wave in 2004, and then back now in 2012 in Japan, and each wave they will collab with big brands like Duncan and Yomega, this year, there's Yoyofactory, one of the biggest brand in yoyo, the people behind Yoyofactory are the ones who brought you Proyo(which was also one of the biggest brand back in the days), Yo-hans, and one of the performer of that time, Ben McPhee. But that's not the main point actually... actually, I just wanted to share this yoyo, like I mentioned, every Hyper Yoyo wave, there's a special yoyo, like the Hyper Dragon and stuff, in the 2004 wave I don't remember seeing anything special, but this year, they have the Hyper Cluster, it's not exactly something that plays really great if you must ask for my opinion, but it's a collectable yoyo, and pretty cool in a way, you can take it apart, okay, most yoyos of today can be taken apart, but this one? in a much cooler way.

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You see that huge button thing with spring inside of it? you press it and you can remove the halves out. And you can also change to other shapes that are available for purchase, in Japan or online stores. The way you slot it on is also pretty cool, at least I think so. For professional play, maybe it's redundant, for but collecting's sake, and the fun of it, to make it look cool, it's not~

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I got this back in AP2011, I got Hiroyuki to help me buy it, and I got it form him during the event. But now Singapore are selling them, I think?
I love the packaging, I dig toys packaging. But it's a little huge for storage... but everything looks so nice.
Sowhen I got this, it didn't came with bearing, I took mine from my old yoyos, this is the basic edition that came with nylon sleeve axle, so to me it's not as fun, so I replaced it.

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so I'm actually using Tigershark G4's spacer, but I didn't include the mini o-ring behind the spacer, for those who know, there's actually this really thin and small o-ring for the spacers of the Tigershark G4.
And also... mine's a starburst, I didn't get to own a one with pad response... ):

When holding it, it feels a little rim weighted, but during play it actually feels light, I can't say it's really smooth but I like it, some old school feel, to me, it's not stable, it tilts, it's 1-2 tug responsive on a starburst, because my bearing is pretty much stocked from back in the old days, I have never cleaned them. But I love starburst, I like them in a way, I can't really explained why I like them, but I do.
And it's a pretty narrow yoyo compared to yoyo of today, but for some reason I like everything about it, or maybe I just dig Hyper yoyos. I tried playing with Duncan size spacers and bearing, and it works, but it slips most of the time, my guess is gap is slightly too wide, maybe you could try using thinner spacers.

If you're looking for something to compete with, this is definitely out.
If you want something somewhere between old school and new school, get this, it's fun~
If you're a collector, I don't need to tell you what to do.

I want more versions!

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