Friday, April 13, 2012

Adidas Blue Basketball!

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Mum let me buy a basketball today!
I was going to get just the Jump Rope, then I was talking to her about the blue basketball, then she ask me if I want. I remember wanting to get a Spalding one and she was reluctant because it was over S$90. But this is below S$40, it's a indoor/outdoor one, and I like the striking color, it's not high quality leather ball but I like how it feels. First Adidas basketball. Also first basketball since I got enlisted to NS. soooo long....

And then... I notice a tear on my favorite And1 indoor ball.... )):
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Never been played outdoor, nor indoor, never left the house, almost ten years since I got it.
Suddenly a scratch this big. )):
It was the original And1 logo, before they were easily available in Singapore for sale, I got it at Queensway. But oh nevermind... long enough.

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